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Legends League Cricket

Legends League Cricket is dedicated to cricket lovers and is a pioneer in offering a platform where retired cricket players can demonstrate their skills, engage with fans, and sense the thrill of cricket once again. The league is dedicated to bring cricket enthusiasts from all walks of life together to celebrate this exciting sport. 

At Legends League Cricket, there are two distinctive cricketing formats being played: Regional and Franchise. Each format gives the game its own charm and competitiveness, providing players and fans with a combination of exciting encounters. 

Legends League Cricket introduced its global format, LLC Masters in 2022 in an effort to push the limits of cricketing excellence. Its inaugural season was hosted by Muscat, Oman, and the most recent season was hosted by Doha, Qatar. The three teams that compete in this format to showcase the best of talent: Indian Maharajas, Asia Lions, and World Giants. Representing the nation’s cricket-crazy culture, India Maharajas bring together the best Indian talent. Asia Lions represent the cricketing powerhouses of Asia. And, a fiery blend of international talent makes up the team of World Giants. 

It has also presented the franchise-based edition of Legends League Cricket, which is held in India. Four privately owned teams compete in this exciting tournament: India Capitals, Gujarat Giants, Bhilwara Kings, and Manipal Tiger. India Capitals team is owned by GMR Sportsline, which also co-owns the IPL team Delhi Capitals. Gujarat Giants team is owned by Adani Sportline, which also owns Gujarat Giants team in the Women's Premier League (WPL). Bhilwara Kings is owned by The LNJ Bhilwara Group. Manipal Tigers is owned by Manipal Education and Medical Group. Two new teams joined the second season, Urbanrisers Hyderabad which is owned by the prestigious Urbanrise Group in collaboration with Mr. JC Pavan Reddy, and Southern Super Stars which is owned by KLO Sports with Ranjeeth Rathod.

Absolute Legends Sports Pvt. Ltd. is the owner and operator of Legends League Cricket. It aspires to create a cricket community where legendary players from around the world come once again to compete and inspire. 

The Upcoming season of Legends League Cricket will be held in India from November to December. Legends League Cricket reinvents passion for cricket, sportsmanship, and competition. Let’s celebrate the spirit of cricket together!

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